Page 14 - North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce 2019 Visitor's Guide
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       North Myrtle Beach  DINING

     When  you  visit  North  Myrtle  Beach,  Of course, seafood is the main course
     be sure to come hungry. You don’t  since loads of fresh fi sh, shrimp, and
     want to miss a meal, or a morsel of the  crabs are caught just off the coast every
     award-winning  cuisine  served  along  day. From all-you-can-eat Calabash-
     this  nine-mile  stretch  of  coastline.  style buffets, to sushi and raw bars, to
     With hundreds of restaurants located  more upscale establishments, seafood
     throughout the Grand Strand, you’re  lovers can choose the right place
     sure to fi nd plenty of places to satisfy  to eat from the bounty of the South
     even the pickiest of taste buds.   Carolina Lowcountry.

     12  Dining
     12  Dining
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