Page 5 - North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce 2019 Visitor's Guide
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        ters, USA”, along one of South Car-  dition  to  a  bona  fide  Millennial
        olina’s funkiest little Main Streets.  uprising, we unpack nine unique
                                         miles of incomparable shoreline,
        For decades, family after family has   representing the coalescing of four
        returned – many times to the same   old seaside communities, artfully
        beach house – with one goal in   crafted into one surprisingly pro-
        mind: a deep, long-overdue recon-  gressive destination.
        nection over a lowcountry boil, a
        glass of wine, or a hearty breakfast   So… welcome… and come explore
        served on the heels of a breathtak-  North Myrtle Beach, where you can
        ing sunrise.                     choose to do it all, or kick back and
                                         “Just Coast”.
        Where else can every generation
        feel at home?  From southern tra-

                                                               Welcome  3
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