Page 6 - North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce 2020 Visitor's Guide
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welcome to

      north myrtle beach

                             Thank you for choosing the City of North Myrtle
                             Beach as your vacation destination!

                             About 75 percent of our visitors are repeat visitors,
                             which means they liked what they fi rst encountered
                             here and have returned year after year to enjoy
                             more. We appreciate your loyalty to our city!

          If this is your fi rst time visiting North Myrtle Beach, you can fi ll up your days
          and nights and still not experience all that we off er the fi rst time around.
          On the natural side of things, we have nine miles of ocean beach; marshes
          teeming with wildlife; the Intracoastal Waterway; hiking trails; an abundance
          of quiet and scenic public parks; sports fi shing, pier fi shing and other fi shing
          opportunities; boating, canoeing and kayaking; and more.

          Our great and varied shopping, dining and entertainment off erings are
          rewarding for all ages.

          During the summer months, weekly free concerts on Main Street and at the
          North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Park provide additional entertainment
          for all.

          North Myrtle Beach is made up of four small towns that in 1968 merged to
          become a city. We are “bigger” than we were decades ago but we have kept
          and nurtured our innate sense of hospitality. Remove everything else and
          you fi nd at our core a community that appreciates all people.

          We look forward to your visit!

          Marily  Hatle


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