Page 8 - North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce 2019 Visitor's Guide
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       North Myrtle Beach  HISTORY

     Originally settled by farmers, fi sher-  After Hurricane Hazel razed the area in
     men, and timber harvesters, the area   1954, a new and improved North Myr-
     was discovered as a tranquil seaside   tle Beach emerged, featuring ocean-
     destination in the 1900s and saw the   front vacation rentals, upscale rental
     formation of several small seaside vil-  homes and mid-rise hotels. The boom-
     lages that would eventually make up   ing popularity of beach music and a
     North Myrtle Beach - Cherry Grove,   dance known as The “Shag”, put North
     Ocean Drive, Crescent Beach, Windy   Myrtle Beach on the map in the sec-
     Hill and Atlantic Beach.           ond half of the 20th Century, and both
                                        are still mainstays of the community.

     6  History
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